Research ancestors

The Mathematics Genealogy Project and my ancestors

A few years ago, I discovered the Mathematics Genealogy Project, which lists many scientists and their supervisor-student relations. This allows to draw ‘‘genealogy trees’’ where ‘‘parents’’ are actually the Ph.D. supervisors of the ‘‘child’’. I somehow forgot about that until a recent conversation with Sébastien Konieczny (one of my Ph.D. supervisors) and Ramon Pino-Perez (Sébastien’s supervisor, so my ‘‘academic grand-father).

This conducted me to some research on the genealogy project, to discover that Pierre Marquis and Sylvie Coste-Marquis (my other two supervisors) were both supervised by Jean-Paul Haton, and unfortunately there is no information regarding his academic ancestors, so I cannot go further in the past from him. But Ramon already had some information about his genealogic tree, and so, of course, mine!

The details are here, but I can still give some interesting information about my most famous ancestors: